MARTHE BODIL is an Amsterdam (NL) based visual artist, working at the intersection of photography, film, design & new media.

Not bound to one specific medium or form she involves various disciplines within her artistic practice. She often plays with the viewers perception or creates worlds that don’t seem quite right, by using contradictions and mixing media. This results into abstract, stylised and surrealistic scenes, which always carry a certain degree of emotion and vulnerability. With this conceptual and cross-disciplinary approach, she aims to reach beyond the conventional boundaries of art and commerce, by providing new, innovative perspectives.




Marthe Bodil Vos
Spreeuwenpark 13C
1021GS Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Iris van Herpen
Claes Iversen
PAN Amsterdam
Moooi Carpets
Studio RENS 


Harpers Bazaar NL, 2024 (TBA)
Vogue NL, 2024 (TBA)
New Society Bookzine, 2023
Jane by the Grey Attic, 2023
Schön Magazine, 2023
Adformatie, 2023
Vice x Velux 2022

Dezeen, 2022
Frameweb, 2022
Currant Magazine, 2022
Numéro, 2021
Parool, 2021
Glamcult, Aprill Issue 2021
V Magazine, 2021
The Impressionist, 2021
Currant Magazine, 2021
Tableau, 2021
Vogue NL, 2021

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